Saturday, August 21, 2010

Charles McPherson - Live In Tokyo

FYI: File has been fixed and re-upped.

This is another Xanadu, with similar personnel to the Billy Mitchell date. Again, simple, grooving Jazz. It's hard to go wrong with Barry Harris. There is no new ground broken, but this swings impeccably and there isn't a wasted moment on the date.

  1. Tokyo Blue
  2. East of the Sun
  3. Desafinado
  4. Orient Express
  5. These Foolish Things
  6. Bouncing With Bud

Charles McPherson - alto sax
Barry Harris - piano
Sam Jones - bass
Leroy Williams - drums

Recorded April 14, 1976

Xanadu 131


El Rana said...

This is just amazing !!

I've been looking for this for a long time. This is grade A bEbop ! What a band !!!

I have a question, the last track 'Bouncin with Bud' ends unexpectedly in the middle of a drum solo. Is this OK? (I guess not...) Or must I download again??

Thanks a lot for your work.

Francisco Espinoza
Santiago, Chile said...

Let me know if the same problem exists and I'll look into it. I don't recall that issue on my file.

KingCake said...

Bouncin' with Bud does indeed cut off early said...

Okay, I'll add that to my list and I'll fix it. It may take a bit to get to (life is throwing many curves), but I'll post when it is fixed.

El Rana said...

Dear Bayviewsax,

Just take your time and get 'em outta the park, I can wait !

Cheers for your fantastic work.


PS- Thanks for checking KingCake !! said...

Good News! File is fixed and re-upped. Sorry for the tremendously long wait -- life is intervening more than it has the right to. Hope to resurface again, soon.

duck said...

Hi there, very happy to find your blog and i took some liberties with the offerings contained, many thanks.

SlimStew said...

Thanks for the great album!

W'utless said...

download is not available. Is it possible to re- upload? that would be great! said...

Uploading now -- thanks for the heads up. said...

Sorry, had an ill-timed power failure before that re-up finished and didn't catch that this hadn't made it up till today. Good to go, now.