Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photo Credit: © Jon Hammond, Boston Phoenix

The Cookers

Live at Sculler's

Boston, MA, June 14, 2012

A very solid set of music from this band. Several originals as well as some vintage Jazz Messengers tunes. Particularly nice work from Harper and McBee. Evidently, a review of the most recent release described Billy Hart's solos as "tepid". Weiss took the liberty of announcing that prior to the band playing Free For All. Mr. Hart was having none of it and played like he had something to prove. He proved it. Someone was taking photos using a light to line up the shots (though no flash on the shot itself). Billy Hart was not impressed and made it known; listen carefully during his solo. Craig Handy was a bit off and behaved like a disinterested child throughout much of the evening, which is too bad, because he's a helluva musician. Other band members were casting glances among themselves at his behavior.

Track List

  1. Capra Black (Harper)
  2. The Peacemaker (McBee)
  3. Free For All (Shorter)
  4. Croquet Ballet (Harper)
  5. Sweet Rita Suite (Cables)
  6. The Core (Hubbard)/Priestess (Harper)

  • Billy Harper - tenor saxophone
  • David Weiss - trumpet, announcer
  • Eddie Henderson - trumpet
  • Craig Handy - alto saxophone, flute
  • George Cables - piano
  • Cecil McBee - bass
  • Billy Hart - drums

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