Thursday, December 10, 2020

Stuff I'm Looking For

First: If you're promoting Chinese porn sites, please fuck off and die. I don't mean to be that way, but scum like you are ruining the purpose of the web. I'm a big boy -- if I want porn, I'll find it. Please don't post your swill here.

I'm looking for any and all Marvin Peterson. I've got a few (MPS, Berlin, Angels) but really looking for the hard-to-find vinyl. Man! Why is that guy not worshiped!?!?

Art Blakey with John Gilmore. I had it on cassette, but my cassettes were damaged in a flood two years ago.

New adds: Anything on Argo, Xanadu, and heck, let's reiterate, Horo. Also, anything from Nimbus West -- the vinyl stuff especially (I'm happy to give them the money for their discs). In particular, the solo Tapscott LPs and Dadisi Komulafe.

I'm always open to trades (meaning you don't have to post your links) and if you're looking for something, feel free to post it here. If you have digital files but lack a web server (and/or faith in rapidshare and the like), drop me a line.