Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why You Gotta Play Me Like That?

I'm just curious why some bloggers feel the need to be tyrannical assholes. There's a popular blog where someone posted something -- attempting to share -- that, evidently without his knowledge, had actually originated on that blog. The offending poster apologized, explaining he'd gotten the files from a friend (I've done that -- most of us have). In response, the blog host threw a profanity-laced mini-tantrum. Why be an asshole about it? The guy made a mistake. This host is one of the same folks who pisses and moans about the way people treat him as a blogger. Perhaps he reaps what he sews. I just don't understand the need people have to be this way. Those of us into this music make up about 2% of the listening population; can't we get along and not act like we're all in high school over silly shit like this? Sad, O.J.... sad.