Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Air - Air Show, No. 1 (w/Cassandra Wilson)

  1. Achtud El Buod (Children's Song)
  2. Don't Drink That Corner My Life Is In The Bush
  3. Air Show
  4. Apricots On Their Wings
  5. Salute To The Enema Bandit
  6. Side Step
Henry Threadgill - reeds, flute, percussion
Cassandra Wilson - vocals
Fred Hopkins - bass
Pheroan Aklaff - drums

Recorded June 2 & 3, 1986

192 KPBS mp3s

A really solid outing. Cassandra Wilson really adds something special to this already powerful band. The music is typical Threadgill, and Wilson blends perfectly into the feel on the three tracks she is on. This was the final Air recording, one of only two that Aklaff is on. If you're familiar with the band, you know what to expect, and you will not be disappointed. If you're not familiar, this is not a bad introduction. Link in comments.

Dorothy Ashby - In A Minor Groove

  1. Pawky
  2. Moonlight In Vermont
  3. Back Talk
  4. Dancing In The Dark
  5. Charmaine
  6. Jollity
  7. There's A Small Hotel
  8. Rascallity
  9. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
  10. It's a Minor Thing
  11. Yesterdays
  12. Bohemia After Dark
  13. Taboo
  14. Autumn In Rome
  15. Alone Together
Dorothy Ashby - harp
Frank Wess - flute
Herman Wright - bass
Roy Haynes, Art Taylor - drums

Recorded 1958
192 KPBS mp3s

Jazz harp anyone? Seriously, if you're not familiar with this, you've gotta check this out. I knew nothing of Dorothy Ashby when I discovered this. I figured she was a vocalist from the cover, and when I spun it I was totally blown away. Of course, she's surrounded by some heavy hitters, too. It's pretty mellow, but swings like hell anyway. Definitely worth the DL. Link in comments.

J.J. Johnson/Nat Adderley - The Yokohama Concert

Disc 1
1. Horace
2. Cyclops
3. Why Not
4. Splashes
5. It Happens
6. Work Song

Disc 2
1. Walkin'
2. Jevin
3. Lament
4. Hummin'
5. Melodee

Recorded 1977, Yokohama, Japan

J.J. Johnson - trombone
Nat Adderley - cornet
Billy Childs - rhodes
Tony Dumas - bass
Kevin Johnson - drums

192 KPBS mp3s

No huge ground broken here, but it sure is fun to hear Nat and J.J. work with a Rhodes. Solid 70s stuff, much more listenable than most of the electric stuff from the 70s.

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet plus John Scofield - Live at Montmartre

Live at Montmartre

1. I.J.
2. Flame Games
3. Well, I Guess We'll Never Know
4. Forever Lovers
5. Song Everlasting

George Adams - tenor sax
Don Pullen - piano
John Scofield - guitar
Cameron Brown - bass
Dannie Richmond - drums

Recorded live at Montmartre, 1985

192 KBPS mp3s

I'm not a huge Scofield fan, nor electric guitar fan really, but this is a solid outing. It seems to mold together the energetic music that was the trademark of the quartet with the more commercially accessible music of John Scofield. There's plenty of energy in this loose, dirty set. Dannie Richmond fires throughout, and it's a good listen. Link in comments.

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet - Live at The Village Vanguard, Vol. 1

Live at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 1

1. The Necessary Blues
2. Solitude
3. Intentions
4. Diane

George Adams - tenor sax
Don Pullen - piano
Cameron Brown - bass
Dannie Richmond - drums

Recorded 1983, NYC

192 KBPS mp3s

This is not the quartet's best record, but at the same time, it' representative of a good show for them. I was somewhat disappointed when I saw them live. The studio albums all seemed to have two killer tracks, and three that were either middle-of-the-road or dogs. They did the same thing live. However, when they were on, they were on. Still, I find when I go back and listen to this group now, there was more happening than I was aware of at the time (cut me some slack, I was a teenager). Link in comments.