Sunday, July 1, 2007

Equal Time live at the Barley Pub: The Superbowl Session

For the RPM Challenge 2007, Equal Time opted to record a live show to submit. The vast majority of the material was original, much of it freely improvised. Because of the sound, this recording was only released for the purposes of the challenge. It's a high energy set and Kwong and Webb are in particularly fine form on this set.

Some Busking Tapes from Summer 2006

The Wire Magazine, to promote the RPM Challenge had a huge busking day which was subsequently rained out. The following day was the rain day, but not everyone was able to make it. Such was the case for part of this recording as the saxophonist was working alone. The folks at The Wire wanted the musicians to understand that busking was legal in Portsmouth, NH, and really pushed them to continue doing it. So, this tandem did so on another Saturday later during the Summer.